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Remember when pink and blue were all the variety in small bathrooms? Neither do we
When it comes to renovate your bathroom there is no need to rip all that nice tile down;  Like New Refinishing will show you a fast affordable way to give new life to old bathtub and tile .  Professional Refinishing to wall tile and bathtub is the affordable solution. By applying a new color not only on top but also IN the tile by bonding the new color in the original fixture.
And if you will ask, what is the difference between DIY with a professional refinisher? The answer is simple, a DIY  kit doesn't have the strength to last for many years ,  plus DIY is going to roll on the surface which it will leave marks and it won't feel like new.
When we do it professional  we use strong chemicals that will bond the surface so that the coatings go in and not on the surface and we do it with a spray system which is going to really give a look and feel of porcelain , plus durability is much greater .
In a bathroom were you would spend $ 8000 to $10000 by replacing tile and tub , with bathroom refinishing you will be spending approximately $1000  with a warranty
call Like New Refinishing today and let the professional do the job.