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Bathtub Denver

The beginning of a new year means a fresh start for you and your home. As one of the leading Bathtub Refinishing  companies in the Denver metro area, we pride ourselves on delivering atractive Bathtub Reglazing to give a New Look to your bathroom and improve one of the most  important areas of your house without the necessity of spending thousands of money.
This week Like New Refinishing worked in a project in which after Remodeling their entire Bathroom Mrs Freedman didn't want to replce their green Bathtub , so they called Like New Refinishing and after 4 hours of work they couldn't believe the New Look and smothness of it; and best of all "without  a mess" said Mrs Freedman. Take a look at this picture and see for yourselves.

Give us a call today and remember Bathtub Refinishing Denver is the solution to improve your home and give a new look to your Bathroom