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What to do when my bathtub gets a little scratch?

Often people call asking for a quote for a Bathtub Refinishing Denver, when we ask them what the problem is, they tell us things like: " My new tub at the time we installed it got a little scratch" or they say : " I'm just changing the tile sorround my tub, and a piece of tile fall in to the tub and scratched it." Most of the time this tipe of scratches don't need to be refinish. Like New Refinishing Denver will give you a piece of advice; when this type of accidents happen all you have to do is to go to any Home depot store or ACE  and buy a 1500 grit sand paper. Then you will lightly wet sand the part where the scratch is and you will see how this scratch will start to desappear. Then you will buff only that part and you will see how you problem is resolve. At Like New we always make sure that your Bathtub Refinishing Denver experience is with honesty and quality. For any questions call at 720 275 1014