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Bathtub Refinishing Advice

 Like New Refinishing Denver  often gets phone calls from custumers who just refinished their tubs and they are confronting a problem....The coatings in the newly refinished bathtub it's peeling and most of the time this problem starts around the drain .
This problem could be happening for many  reasons but we will like to focus with the problem when your newly refinished tub is peeling around the drain . 90% of the time this is because there is water trapped around the drain and when you apply a bonding agent or etch around the drain if there is still water this components won't work so the results will be that after a couple of days your bathtub refinishing denver project will fall apart.  So, What do to to avoid this problem? the solution is simple just dry around the drain with a  hair dryer for about 10 minutes , after that just apply some pressure in the drain and if there still water you will see it but if nothing comes out you are good to go. Sometimes even professional companies try to avoid this important step or simply they don't know it . This is why is always important to hire a professional company with experience . Make your Bathtub Refinishing Denver project a sweet  dream and not a nightmare. Will be happy to answer any questions and help you along the way with your bathtub refinishing project.